My Clients


“Matt is a fantastic trainer! He keeps you motivated and striving to reach your personal goals, and he cares just as much as you that you reach them. He’s helped me lose almost 60 pounds by helping me with my training and nutrition and it’s something that has helped me create a better and healthier lifestyle. I can’t say enough about how great of a trainer he is. I highly recommend you check him out!" -Keith M.


“Matt is great! Super professional and motivated to keep his clients on their toes. Every training session I have, he pushes me 120%. He is constantly teaching me more about fitness and new ways of seeing those results! I train with him about 2-3 times a week and I always look forward to the workouts.I always leave feeling sore but amazing after the workouts. He is 100% for his clients and helps everyone aim for their fitness goals!” -Erika S.


“Matt is one of the best trainers in ATX. My husband always HATED working out but I came across Matt’s page on Instagram and convinced him to give it one more try. It was the best decision he ever made. In just two short months I’ve seen a drastic change in his physique and the craziest part of the transformation...he actually looks forward to going to the gym! Matt not only educated him on proper lifting form and how to sculpt his body but guided him in nutrition as well. My husband will continue to train with him. If you need a trainer who will CARE, TRAIN, and LEAD you to the body you’ve always wanted. Look no further!” -Holly C.


“Matt is a great trainer! He is very calm and professional. He knows so much about exercise and nutrition. It’s really nice the way he explains the mechanics of each exercise and why the movements have to be done a certain way to prevent injury. Having him there to guide me through the process is so important. Matt is a big part of making my fitness dreams comes true! At 50 years-old, being fit and healthy is more valuable to me than time and money. I’m so glad that I found Matt, he is improving the quality of my life!” -Huan P.


“I started training with Matt about five weeks ago with back and shoulder issues and sever pain in both. The pain has now virtually stopped. He has me lifting more than I have lifted in 20+ years. He has also helped me with my food and has been teaching me how to eat better. He works me hard and I go back for more. If you’re looking for a trainer that will push you, look no further!” -Levi P.